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Engineering World Health Summer Institute 

On The Ground Coordinator and Teaching Assistant

EWH hires On the Ground Coordinators (OTGCs) and OTGCs who also serve as TAs (OTGC/TAs). The positions have a 3 - 10 week in country assignment, depending on program and position.

Summer Institute Description:

Since 2004, the EWH Summer Institute (SI) has provided young engineers and technical minds with the chance to live in a developing country with a local family, learn a new language and use newly acquired technical skills to improve health care in the community. One month of training is followed by a month of service in a local hospital during which participants install and repair medical equipment, train the staff, take inventory, solve problems and perform other engineering duties.

Please see: for more information.

The On The Ground Coordinator/Teaching Assistant (OTGC/TA) will assist with teaching students, maintaining local relationships, technical troubleshooting, and various SI preparation tasks. The OTGC/TA will be joined by an instructor during the first month in country and by an additional OTGC second month in country.


An OTGC with the other OTGC (as applicable), the EWH SI Manager, staff at the partner university, and staff of the language school. The OTGCs will assist with the administration of all aspects of the program while in country. There are 3 OTGC roles during the Summer Institute.

1) Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • Responsible for the 3-hour afternoon laboratories
  • Provided with curriculum material but must schedule and plan the lessons with the instructor before the program starts.
  • Must attend TA training or complete remote training.
  • Assist the Prep OTGC with documentation as necessary.
  • Live in the first month training city and not required to travel around the country during the first month’s capacity as TA.
  • Must be in country for at least the first month of the program and may be required to arrive up to one week before SI participants arrive
    • The TA may continue on in the role of Second Month OTGC (see #3 below) after the first month
2) Preparatory Coordinator (Prep OTGC)
  • Responsible for maintaining contact with host hospitals and confirming hospital and homestay readiness.
    • Includes contacting hospital staff and homestays in the months before the program starts.
  • Once in country, the Prep OTGC will travel around to visit each of the hospitals and homestays during the first month, before the students move out to their assigned locations. 
  • Prepare and maintain up to date documentation about the country, hospital assignments, and homestays to share with the students and other EWH staff.
  • Responsible for other logistical arrangements.
  • Will travel almost daily. Therefore, they are responsible for arranging their own lodging during visits to hospital cities. 
  • The Preparatory role is mainly during the first month of the program, but the Prep OTGC must be in country for the entirety of the program and work as a Second Month OTGC (see #3 below), and may be required to arrive up to one week Before SI participants arrive and stay several days after the program ends.
 3) Second Month OTGC(s) (during hospital placements)
  • Second Month OTGC(s) will travel around to visit the participants at their hospital assignments and provide assistance with:
    • technical repairs
    • navigating government/hospital paperwork or regulations
    • introductions to hospital staff
    • overcoming language barrier
    • coping with culture shock
    • managing participant illness
    • mediating interpersonal issues, etc.
  • The Second Month OTGC(s) will continue the Prep OTGC’s task of documentation and logistical arrangements.
  • Facilitate EWH staff visit during the last week
  • Lead the final conference
  • Travel almost daily. Therefore, they are responsible for arranging their own lodging during visits to hospital cities.
  • A First Month TA may transition into a role as Second Month OTGC, or a Second Month OTGC may arrive just before the participants switch to their hospital assignments.


OTGCs are contractors of Engineering World Health.  They receive a salary plus a stipend to cover personal expenses including housing, meals, and local transport.

Airfare: Cost of flights are covered by EWH.


  • Great leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Engineering/Technical Degree or significant experience troubleshooting and working on devices with electronic components.
  • Ability to speak in front of and lead groups of students.
  • Comfortable traveling in a foreign country alone.
  • Experience traveling in developing countries.
  • Past participation in an EWH Summer or January Institute is strongly preferred.

To Apply: 

The hiring process for upcoming Summer and January programs is always open and rolling. If you're interested in being an OTGC, please send a resume and cover letter to In your cover letter, specify your availability and if you have any preference for country assignment. If you aren't yet sure, you can still apply! Just keep us updated.

Current Openings:

exact dates may be flexible


13 December 2018 - 17 February 2019


13 December 2018 - 17 February 2019


26 December 2018 - 15 January 2019



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