Dominican Republic

The Campus to Country Program in the Dominican Republic is a 3-week early summer program open to students from Catholic University of America and the University of Portland. Students complete a training course for credit at their universities prior to the program.

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, students meet their homestay families and receive orientation to the healthcare system, and training in Spanish language and DR culture. The majority of the trip is spent volunteering in small groups in the public hospitals throughout the Dominican Republic. Participants assist with critical medical device repairs, translation of manuals, preventative maintenance, and other services.



2018 Dominican Republic Schedule (May 12, 2018 - June 3, 2018)

ARRIVAL: Saturday, May 12

Arrive at Santo Domingo Airport by 5pm

Transport provided to Santiago, meet host families.

ORIENTATION: May 13 - May 16

Homestay in Santiago

Language, Culture and Medical Equipment orientation

Group cultural excursion

HOSPITAL WORK: May 17 - June 1

Homestays near placement hospitals

Weekdays: Work in hospitals.




Transportion back to Santo Domingo Airport. Flights after 10am are preferred.


To apply, go to and create an account. From there, you can select the Dominican Republic program and begin your application.

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