Financial Aid

It is the policy of Engineering World Health to work hard to ensure that the financial cost of this program is not a deterrent to participation for any student. The hospitals that need your help the most can't afford to help finance your participation. The Summer Institute's program fee allows us to send participants, medical equipment, tools and supplies to the most remote locations, thus assisting the hospitals with the greatest shortfalls.

We expect participants to share in the financial burden of this aid and we fully support them in their efforts to raise funds to pay for their program fees. To receive materials and advice on how to effectively raise funds, please visit our Fundraising Page or contact us at  Engineering World Health also has an excellent need-based financial aid program, which supports many students who would otherwise be unable to participate.

In order to apply for EWH Financial Aid, you must complete the EWH Summer Institute Financial Aid Application along with the application to the EWH Summer Institute. To add the Financial Aid form to your application Dashboard, you must select "Yes" to the question "Are you applying for EWH Financial Aid?", asked on the first page of the admissions application. This questions asked on the Financial Aid form and the terms agreement are available for download below.

You can submit your Financial Aid application at the same time as your application for the Summer Institute. You will be informed of your Financial Aid package when you are notified of your acceptance. The application deadlines are: November 1st, December 4th, and January 22nd. (See Application Timeline for description of the 3 application windows)

The final deadline for all applicants to submit the Financial Aid Application is January 22nd, 2018.


Click here to download Financial Aid Questions and Terms & Conditions Agreement

Note: this is not the submission form. You must apply through your application Dashboard!

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