Chapter Fundraising

EWH Chapters may raise funds to cover affiliation fees and to offer exciting activities. We recommend that Chapters attempt to secure funding from sources within their school to cover annual Chapter fees, so these costs will not fall to individual members. Other common costs may include travel, purchasing Kits, food for meetings or any range of activities, such as:

Chapter operations

Chapter affiliation fees, Design Competition registration fees, EWH kit builds, conference travel

STEM and other program operations

STEM programs, service projects, equipment repair

Summer Institute or other travel abroad

Sponsor Chapter members for the Summer Institute, organize trips abroad to work in hospitals

Continuing R&D of design concepts

Prototyping and testing, start-up funding and commercialization

Fundraising Examples

The 2013-14 Chapter of the Year, Virginia Commonwealth University, approached fundraising through several mediums:

  • Letters were sent to many local businesses to introduce the Chapter and ask for donations, yielding an income of $400 (as of April 2014).
  • In response to the STEM activity EWH-VCU presented to the Math Science Innovation Center, EWH-VCU was presented with an honorarium of $150.
  • An event at a local frozen yogurt store was held for EWH-VCU to receive a portion of sales for the evening.
  • The Chapter hosted a formal dinner with guest speaker Dr. Leslie Calman, EWH CEO, to raise awareness and funds.
  • The Chapter provided VCU School of Engineering fundraisers with EWH-VCU advertisements to take with them when soliciting major corporations for donations.
  • The Chapter created a crowd-funding webspace to provide information about the EWH Summer Institute and the EWH-VCU members who were accepted for summer 2014.

The EWH Chapter at Texas A&M University hosted two major fundraising events in 2013-14:

  • A pumpkin-carving contest in the Fall raised approximately $300 with 20-25 participants.
  • In the Spring, the Chapter’s annual Geek Gallop 5k fun run raised almost $700 with approximately 30 students, faculty and staff dressing as their favorite scientist/superhero/"geek."
  • These events were open to students from other organizations and departments; the Chapter used Facebook, fliers, emails and announcements before classes to publicize its events.

For more resources and ideas please see this webpage: Fundraising resources, grants and other funding

In the past, Chapters have had success securing funding in the following ways:

Academic Departments or School of Engineering

Most academic departments and schools have a budget for student programs and activities. We recommend talking to your faculty advisor about the best way to approach these opportunities and that you attempt to secure university funding for your Chapter’s annual affiliation. Be sure to point out the benefits available to the Chapter from EWH, including 10 student affiliations, and reduced prices and fees for EWH Kits and the EWH Design Competition. If your school is not interested in a university affiliation, it may still be able to provide your Chapter with an annual budget.

Student Organizations

Once your Chapter is registered with your office of Student Organizations (or similar), it may be eligible for an annual stipend from your university. So be sure to register as an official campus organization after affiliating with EWH (as a university-affiliated Chapter or as a student-affiliated Chapter, which requires a minimum of three student affiliates).

Corporate Sponsorship

Many engineering companies give donations to raise their profile and promote goodwill in their communities. In the past, local corporations have given significant grants to support EWH Chapters in design projects or Kit builds. Who are the engineering leaders in your community? We would be happy to help you approach them.

Sample fundraising letter to individuals or corporations: Download letter here

Fundraising Events

You may be able host an event on or near your campus to raise funds for your Chapter. Planning an event can be hard work, but it can be a good way for Chapters to make money. Fundraising events can have the additional benefit of raising awareness about your Chapter at your school and providing a platform for finding new Chapter members.

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