Chapters Program Overview

Engineering World Health’s core mission includes outreach to university engineering students through university-based EWH Chapters.  Participation in an EWH Chapter raises students’ awareness of healthcare challenges and medical technology issues common in the developing world and enables them to become participants in the global health community.

EWH provides a connection between university Chapter students, industry professionals, and medical personnel in underserved communities for building relationships and for exchanging information and design development ideas.  We connect university Chapters with engineering professionals who serve as design partners and provide advice to EWH programs, including the EWH Design Competition, which is open exclusively to EWH Chapters. 

We also provide support to Chapters that wish to evaluate and repair medical equipment donated to developing world hospitals. We connect Chapters to local schools and afterschool programs to teach STEM to future engineers in grades K-12. Visit the Chapters Activities page to learn more about ways university students engage in EWH Chapters and projects.   

To learn about the benefits of participating in a Chapter, click here.

If a Chapter does not exist at your university, contact us to learn how you can form a Chapter today, or get started by following the steps listed here: Forming a Chapter


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