Biomedical/Electronics Engineering Kits

EWH Kits provide hands-on training, understanding of important biomedical engineering concepts, and practical electronic fabrication skills needed by both engineers and technicians. Kits are used in developed country university settings to teach fundamentals of electronics and to provide service opportunities for our university Chapters. A kit build is an excellent activity for an EWH Chapter to do on its own or to take to local high school or after-school programs to excite younger students about engineering. Kits are shipped with all parts and directions for assembly.

Who builds kits?

Anyone can build EWH Kits! Many different groups have found EWH kit builds to be fun and educational:

  • EWH Chapters build kits to involve students in activities that support their mission.
  • Engineering schools build kits to introduce students to practical skills and applications of technology.
  • High school classes and science clubs build kits to teach technology principles and technical skills.
  • Creative teachers use kits to promote discussion of technology and global health inequities.
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts and similar groups build kits to learn soldering and contribute to a worthwhile cause.
  • Professional engineers build kits to contribute to their corporate giving missions.

These EWH Kits are currently available:

In addition to the electronics kits above, EWH also offers materials for STEM outreach.

EWH Chapters are eligible for Kit Financial Aid to support and expand their Kit Activities. Click hear to learn more.

More kit projects are at various stages of development, and we welcome input from groups interested in helping with their further development.









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