A Thriving Partnership: DTU and EWH

Written by Summer Institute Manager Maddy Bishop-Van HornView of Copenhagen

For several years, Engineering World Health has partnered with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to send student volunteers to Nepal. The program has grown and matured, and we’d like to share its interesting origins:

In 2014, DTU student David Kovacs was a participant in the EWH Summer Institute in Tanzania. By this time, he’d already spent some time in Nepal, and was eager to put his skills to work in Tanzania. During the summer, David became convinced that EWH’s services were needed in Nepal. During the final conference, David pitched the idea to visiting EWH CEO, Leslie Calman. Together, they began putting together a program.

June News: We're Hiring!

Dear Friends of EWH, ________________________

We're hiring!

EWH is seeking an enthusiastic and experienced candidate to fill the full time position of EWH Institute Manager. The EWH Institute Manager is responsible for 6-7 Institute programs. For 5-8 months a year, the Manager works closely with the EWH team in Chapel Hill, NC, coordinating and developing the programs. For the remainder of the year, they work in Asia, Africa, or Latin America serving as the OTGC for one Summer Institute and one January Institute. For a full description of the position, click here.


Summer Institute:

What Does "Low-Resource Environment" Actually Mean?

Co-written with Summer Institute Manager Maddy Bishop-Van Horn.

At Engineering World Health, and more generally in the international development field, we often use the term “low-resource” — but what does this term mean for biomedical technicians and engineers?

In high-income countries, when equipment breaks down, either a new component is ordered from the manufacturer or the entire machine is replaced.

Often, neither of these options is available in low-resource settings. The vast majority of medical equipment is manufactured in high-income countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan. Much of the equipment found in low-income country hospitals is donated, without access to customer service, user training, or sometimes even instruction manuals. While more generic spare parts may be easy to find in the countries where we work, specialized parts such as equipment-specific light bulbs and printed circuit boards are challenging if not impossible to find and replace. Even if the part itself is very inexpensive, if it can’t be found in-country, it can cost hundreds of dollars and take several months to ship to the hospital. Parts must be ordered from the manufacturer or specific dealers. There is no 2-hour Amazon Prime shipping in Kigali, Rwanda… yet.

April News: SI 2018 is About to Begin!

Hello Friends,                          

In just a couple of weeks, our first Summer Institute programs will begin! We invite you to support our participants as they begin training to work in our partner hospitals. You help Engineering World Health fulfill its mission.

Want to know who's teaching our Summer Institute programs? Meet our Instructors! We are incredibly fortunate to work with such talented instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of problem solvers!

Check out what else is going on below:

Summer Institute 2018

Summer Institute 2018: Building New Partnerships

Co-written with Summer Institute Manager Maddy Bishop-Van Horn.

This summer, EWH is expecting to host 111 participants in 7 countries. Thanks to new university partnerships with the University of Portland and Catholic University, we are able to send participants to the Dominican Republic for the first time. Thanks to our growing partnership with the Technical University of Denmark and the other Nordic Five Tech Schools, we will also be sending participants to Mongolia for the first time.

Teams Dukerere and Premier Join Efforts at the Lab School

Team Dukerere in Uganda, SI 2017

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