Supporting the Next Generation of Engineers in the Bahamas

Written by Areli Rodriguez, EWH's Communications & Development Intern

One of EWH’s goals is to help create opportunities for people around the world to receive an education in not only biomedical engineering, but STEM in general. Every country, regardless of economic standing, can benefit from a generation of scientists and engineers that can lead the way in innovation and tackle the problems our world currently faces. However, developing nations stand to gain the most out of improved STEM education. Not only would STEM create job opportunities, but it could also help reduce inequality and dependence on other countries, improve healthcare, and help citizens solve the unique problems their countries face.

Although EWH works with local partners to create sustainable training programs around the world, these programs unfortunately cannot meet all needs in global STEM education. For this reason, when the founders of Bahamas Engineering and Technology Advancement (BETA) – an organization that raises STEM awareness in the Bahamas and provides opportunities for Bahamian students to become actively engaged in STEM – approached EWH in 2015, we were delighted to support them with kits for a summer engineering camp they hosted for children in the Bahamas.


Hands-on Learning at Nigeria BMET Training Program

Written by Areli Rodriguez, EWH's Communications & Development Intern

Although theory-based lectures teach students a great deal about biomedical equipment and how it works, working with the equipment boosts their learning to new levels. At the BMET training program in Nigeria, students got to do just that.

During their first session, the BMET students were presented with a challenge: rebuild an Ohmeda anesthesia machine that had been stripped to the frame and restore it to working order. Accompanied by the assistant OTGC Charles, the students looked for parts they could use in a warehouse at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). They also made use of LUTH’s fabrication workshop to make Plexiglas covers and braces that the anesthesia machine needed. After testing their fabricated parts and correcting a few design errors, they successfully rebuilt a functioning anesthesia machine that fulfilled manufacturer guidelines! After debating what should be done with the equipment, the students decided to donate the anesthesia machine to the local jail so that prisoners there would be able to receive better and more robust healthcare.

One of the best parts of this experience, students said, was being able to help save lives in their community. It instilled them with pride and a newfound passion for their profession.

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EWH April News: New Kits Coming Soon!

Hello Friends,

April is a month filled with preparation at Engineering World Health as we finalize arrangements with our new Summer Institute participants. Along with that, this year we're looking forward to hosting many of you at our upcoming Board events. And last but not least, EWH is excited to announce a new Kit is on its way! 

Find out more about what EWH is up to below:

EWH UC San Diego Hosts 3rd Annual HealthHack

For the third year in a row, the EWH Chapter at the University of California – San Diego hosted their HealthHack. This year, 181 participants could choose one of two tracks: health care delivery or refugee health. This highly interdisciplinary and collaborative event featured more than 35 completed proposals, with support from 57 mentors and judges from a variety of fields, and awarded $12,000 in prize money.

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