June 2015

Dear Friends of Engineering World Health:

It's a busy summer for us at EWH! Our students are learning how to strengthen hospital infrastructure around the world, whether they are BMETs repairing equipment or engineers designing better technology. Meanwhile, EWH is reaching more students than ever as we continue to train BMETs in Rwanda, Cambodia, and Nigeria; host Summer Institutes in Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Tanzania; and teach STEM education to K-12 students at home in North Carolina. And, of course, we're always on the lookout for new opportunities and partnerships to bring biomedical engineering knowledge to even more people!

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Summer Institute 2015

All three of our SI programs are up and running now, with Nicaragua and Rwanda about halfway through, and Tanzania just starting. Here are a few updates from our students:

From Tanzania, Conor writes:

“On Fridays we visit Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha and this week I fixed a pile of blood pressure cuffs. These are simple bits of kit: a pump with a valve you open and close, a pressure gauge, a bladder you inflate with the pump and a material cuff holding it all together.

Blood Pressure Cuffs at Mt Meru

Blood Pressure Cuffs at Mt. Meru

Written by Katie Gelman, a member of Duke University's EWH Chapter

The initial goals of the Duke EWH Club’s annual trip to Guatemala were to repair medical equipment in an underprivileged hospital while providing first-hand engineering experience to undergraduate students and establishing a lasting relationship between the club and the hospital.  This year, we accomplished so much more.  There were five undergraduate engineering students from the club, and we spent two weeks working in the hospital and immersing ourselves in the culture.  The regional hospital in Xela, Guatemala went under new management this year, and the new director was insistent that that hospital was not to be seen as a charity case.  It was through lots of communication and previously established relationships with the maintenance and medical staff that we were able to return for the third annual trip.

IMG 3933

Nicaragua Group 2015

EWH’s 24 Summer Institute students in Nicaragua have been busy learning Spanish and technical skills for almost two weeks now. They’ve encountered numerous challenges, from language barriers to first repairs to cultural adjustments; and they’ve started going on their own adventures to explore more of their host country. Already, students have found their experiences exciting, eye-opening, invigorating – and sometimes frustrating. And they’re just getting started!

Take a look at some excerpts from our Virginia Commonwealth University students’ blogs and see for yourself!

Written by Ed Hutton, EWH’s Chief Operating Officer

Our local team in Rwanda recently created the Rwanda Association of Medical Engineering (RAME). Its fourth conference drew BMETs and Ministry Officials from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi. Public hospitals and other public institutions were represented as well.  For me the exciting thing is that this conference was 100% planned and executed by the team in Rwanda.IPRC 2nd Year Students 2015

2nd Year BMET Students at IPRC

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