EWH Invites University Engineering Students to Form A Chapter At Their University


EWH Design Competition winners to be announced at BMES Conference

  • Chapters program engages college students in seeking solutions to global health challenges & medical equipment shortfalls in the developing world.
  • Program is a bridge between students, academia and industry to create healthcare technology solutions to problems unique to the developing world
  • There are 37 EWH student chapters throughout the world
  • Many chapter students participate in EWH’s Summer Institute program, provide engineering support to local hospitals and schools in Nicaragua, Rwanda, Tanzania
  • EWH connects University Chapters with engineering professionals who serve as design partners, provide support and advice to EWH programs, such as the EWH Design Competition and sponsor chapters financially.
  • Chapters are also connected to local schools and afterschool programs to teach STEM to future engineers in grades K-12.

Engineering Havoc Day - Girl Scouts visit VCUVCU Chapter - Engineering Havoc Day - Girl Scouts visit VCU

WASHINGTON, DC—OCTOBER 24— Engineering World Health (EWH, http://www.ewh.org) has issued a call to college engineering students to form EWH Chapters at their school. The program has grown from its original chapter at Duke University to 37 chapters throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa. EWH Chapters provide a center for engineering students to connect, collaborate and learn from other students, academics, and industry professionals on technology solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare challenges in the developing world. 

“EWH’s University chapters and affiliated programs are often the first time that engineering students have seen their chosen profession in a real-world context, and understood their potential to make lasting contributions to improving the lives of people who live in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities,” said Leslie Calman, CEO of Engineering World Health.

Ben Fleishman, Student Programs Manager of EWH added, “An EWH Chapter is a great opportunity for biomedical or other engineers interested in health care. Along with the leadership and professional development benefits typical of many campus organizations, we offer ways for students to connect with and directly impact the world around them.”

EWH Chapter participants have accomplished astonishing projects together. In its first year, the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) chapter members have started working on an otoacoustic emission system for testing infants too young for audiometer exams for hearing loss. The design interfaces with Android smart phones and focuses upon affordability and portability. Former members of the Washington University in St. Louis chapter and previous winners of the 2012 EWH Design Competition have recently secured seed funding for their technology designed under their company, Sparo Labs. Sparo Labs (www.sparolabs.com) empowers asthma patients with powerful, smart technology to better understand, track, and proactively control their asthma.

In addition to the collaborative learning activities of EWH Chapters, chapter members are also heavily involved in fundraising efforts for the EWH Summer Institute program, which sends engineering students to live in Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Tanzania, for a summer with a local family, learn a new language, and use newly acquired technical skills to improve health care in the community. The SI mission focuses in large part on creating access to medical equipment in developing countries, meeting a call to overcome the global crisis of non-functioning medical equipment. Chapters are integral in the success of Summer Institute. In fact, the VCU Chapter successfully raised enough funds to send two of its members to the Summer Institute programs in Nicaragua and one member to Tanzania in 2014.

AM kids on the bridgeTexas A&M students in Summer Institute - Rwanda

 About Engineering World Health

Engineering World Health (EWH) is a non-profit organization that brings engineering students, professionals, and healthcare providers together to collaborate on the development and utilization of bioengineering equipment in the developing world. EWH provides programs including: STEM, Biomedical Engineering Technician training (BMET), University Chapters, Summer Institute, and Design Competitions. Learn more at: www.ewh.org



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