Designing for Low-Resource Hospitals

Our friends Reece Stevens with FreePulse and David Kovacs with Access Health Care Nepal have teamed up!

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Reece Stevens (left) & David Kovacs (right)


Reece and David are both Summer Institute Alumni, January Institute Alumni, and former On-the-Ground Coordinators. In addition to his work with EWH, David co-founded Access Health Care Nepal (AHCN), an organization dedicated to improving healthcare in regions of Nepal where healthcare is scarce or not available at all. AHCN has also been a key partner in EWH’s work in Nepal. In 2015, Reece’s team at the University of Texas at Austin won EWH’s annual design competition for their low-cost patient monitor design: FreePulse. Now, Reece and FreePulse are working with AHCN to design on-the-ground tests of FreePulse’s capabilities in Nepal.

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Reece writes: “FreePulse is a low-cost patient monitor designed for use in resource-constrained hospitals. I’ve been developing this monitor for about three years now, and I’ve been working closely with Access Health Care to design our first on-the-ground test in Nepal. I’m very excited to see where we’ll go and the lessons we’ll learn!”

Read more about what they’ve accomplished so far, and what their upcoming plans are:

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