An Open Letter From EWH to the Governor of North Carolina Regarding HB2

Advocacy is not generally part of EWH's mission. However, North Carolina's recently passed House Bill 2 aims to make discrimination against members of our community "legal." Therefore, EWH stands with many of our colleagues on this issue in denouncing the state's decision to pass this bill into law.


Dear Governor McCrory,       

As a non-profit organization based in Durham and dedicated to public health, Engineering World Health wants to go on record in deep opposition to North Carolina House Bill 2. We ask you to act with all speed to reverse this law.

The law legalizes discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. This subjects our employees, interns and students to legal discrimination. This discrimination is reprehensible not only from a moral point of view but also from a public health point of view: the impact of stigma is a well-acknowledged factor that causes LGBT people to delay seeking medical care for both transmittable and non-transmittable diseases.

Further, North Carolina has been markedly successful until now in building a community of business leaders, scientists, engineers, researchers, educators and medical professionals.  HB2 puts this progress at risk as companies and individuals -- determined to reject discrimination -- boycott educational and business-related conferences in North Carolina and refuse to build or expand their businesses. 

We are proud to join with our colleagues at Duke University, Biogen, and BD, along with Wells Fargo, American Airlines, Apple, Google, Twitter, Starbucks, Hilton, Citibank, Dow Chemical, Northrup Grumman, Kellogg, eBay and over one hundred other companies in requesting that North Carolina take action to reverse this discriminatory law.


Leslie J Calman, Ph.D.

CEO, Engineering World Health


BMET Round Up

Ed Hutton, our Chief Operating Officer, brings us quick updates from our BMET programs around the globe:


Our first cohort is in their final semester, and our fourth cohort has just started!

Additionally, our first Summer Institute in Cambodia was a great success! Seventeen engineering students from the University of New South Wales had the opportunity to work and learn alongside the BMET students, gaining firsthand experience of a low-resource environment and facilitating an exchange of knowledge between the two groups. Many thanks to Ung Kunthear for his dedicated work in building this program.

Leslie Inka meet with UP small

Inka Johnson and Ung Kunthear from EWH, Prof. Lauren Kark from UNSW, and EWH CEO Leslie Calman with University of Puthisastra President, Mr. Kith Chankrisna, and leaders of UP

EWH Launches a New Resource for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

Engineering World Health is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new resource, the BMET Digital Library!

BMET Team Working Together to Diagnose Autoclave Display Problem Battambang Prov Hospital

What is the BMET Library?

The BMET Library is an open source digital library containing information for training BMETs (Biomedical Equipment Technicians) in the developing world. It contains crucial technical information for the troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and repair of medical instrumentation.

It is possible to eradicate #malaria, if we remain engaged in #globalhealth initiatives via @dallasnews