Every year Summer Institute participants record and share their experiences in different ways. On the right side of this page, there is a list of blogs, and below you will find photos, videos, presentations and other materials that students created during the program.


VCU's 2014 Summer Institute participants share their experiences:

EWH Rwanda 2013 - Jami Johnson:


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Kissing a camel - PaulJennie repairing a scaleChasSoldering

Fetal Doppler immediately put back to use.  Previously large assumptions had to be made regarding fetal distress resulting in many unnecessary C-sections     


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Presentations and other reports

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James and Justin Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Nicaragua 2014

Ritters Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Rwanda 2013

Stephanie and Daria Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Tanzania 2012

Ashley, David and KJ - Report - Medical Equipment at KCMC, Tanzania 2014


Sustainable urban development in #Spain: https://t.co/mrh93RsB9p