Every year Summer Institute participants record and share their experiences in different ways. On the right side of this page, there is a list of blogs, and below you will find photos, videos, presentations and other materials that students created during the program.


EWH Rwanda 2016 - Joshua Shubert

EWH Rwanda 2016 - Gaby & Jenny at Gisenyi Hospital

 VCU film students visited EWH's Summer Institute in Nicaragua in 2015. Here's the result! Thanks so much to VCU for making and sharing this video.

VCU's 2014 Summer Institute participants share their experiences:

EWH Rwanda 2013 - Jami Johnson:


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Kissing a camel - PaulJennie repairing a scaleChasSoldering

Fetal Doppler immediately put back to use.  Previously large assumptions had to be made regarding fetal distress resulting in many unnecessary C-sections     


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Presentations and other reports

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Alumni Panel Q&A - Former participants share their experience with upcoming 2016 participants

Tracy & Anne's Photo Slide Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Rwanda 2015

James and Justin Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Nicaragua 2014

Ashley, David and KJ - Report - Medical Equipment at KCMC, Tanzania 2014

Ritters Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Rwanda 2013

Stephanie and Daria Conference Presentation - Summer Institute Tanzania 2012




Analysis | African governments are far from powerless in #globalhealth initiatives like those against #AIDS https://t.co/LepLCOZ0dq