Cambodia is an amazing country, with an equally amazing and tragic recent history. Colonialism, decades of civil war, and genocide have left Cambodia with a severely debilitated base of human resources which lacks in expertise, education, and training – this has resulted in a great lack of senior tradesmen and technicians within the country.

Accordingly, without the expertise to be able to service and maintain them, a great deal of the medical equipment in Cambodia hospitals is non-functional. In response to this, GE Foundation has partnered with Engineering World Health to develop and deliver a BMET training program in Cambodia as the next step in their partnership with the Cambodian Ministry of Health; the first step being an extensive nation wide program of medical equipment donations.

In-country assessments began in 2011 and the program was solidified and accelerated with the appointment of a Country Coordinator in mid-2012.

Our first intake of eleven students will start the full BMET program in 1st quarter 2013. However, in response to the often very low levels of schooling found amongst the Cambodian hospital technicians, we have employed a unique element by way of a preparation course - 4 months of night classes in English, Math and Computers - prior to commencing the full BMET course. The preparation course is designed to ensure students are able to fully engage with the advanced and technical content of the full BMET course right from the first class.

The 6 semester course is being delivered through the Faculty of Health and Science of the local education partner, the University of Puthisastra. Each semester consists of intensive "Trade School" style training sessions encompassing both theory and practical elements, followed by periods of Clinical Placements at the home hospital of the technicians. Suitably qualified students will be eligible to attain an Associate Bachelor in Biomedical Technology at the completion of the course.

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