Projects That Matter

The Waste2Watts ENZI

Through extensive interviews with healthcare providers in developing countries, EWH identifies healthcare challenges specific to the developing world and new technologies that might deliver the most positive impact for their patients. From this first-hand knowledge, EWH compiles and broadcasts an annual list of design challenges: the Projects That Matter list. 

EWH Chapters are encouraged to form teams to address the projects. The projects can be used for capstone design courses or be pursued by any group interested in impacting healthcare in the developing world. EWH affiliates (Chapters and Supporting Affiliates) have access to the EWH Chapter Dropbox. These files provide additional resources and background information for EWH Projects That Matter and other projects that EWH has influenced in the past. Groups working on Projects That Matter or other design projects to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world are encouraged to enter the EWH Design Competition

These are projects that truly matter. Successful designs can impact millions of people around the world.

Last updated April 2013
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