STEM Kits Prices

While much of EWH's work is with university students, we also have developed a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teaching program for K-12 students. Our STEM products offer a variety of curricula designed for different settings, ages, and program lengths to make learning as fun as possible. Our teaching program, funded by Biogen Idec, is designed to foster elementary, middle and high school students’ enthusiasm for STEM fields and raise awareness of global healthcare infrastructure needs.


Click here for the description of the Elementary School activities.

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STEM Kits Prices

(including student handouts, handling and domestic shipping - U. S. only, delivery time: 2 weeks)


5 10 15 20 40


10 20 30 40 80

Artificial Heart

 $152.50  $275.00 $382.50 $500.00 $980.00


 $152.50  $275.00  $382.50 $500.00  $980.00

Hydraulics Arm/Hand, Muscles & Joints, Stethoscope, Lungs

 $152.50 $275.00  $382.50 $500.00  $980.00

Phototherapy, Electrodes

 $207.50  $405.00 $592.50  $770.00  $1,500.00 

Heart Rate Monitor (STEM-Plug & Play)**

 $270.50 $528.00 $767.00 $1017.00 $1854.00

Replacement Pack for Heart Rate Monitor (only components)***

$150.00 $270.00 $375.00 $460.00 $880.00

* Includes one stereo radio for each five units

** Includes Batteries (2 x AAA)

*** Includes resistors, capacitors, amplifier, LED and optical sensor.

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For more information about EWH’s STEM K-12 program, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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