Campus to Country Programs

Expanding on the success of the Summer Institute programs, in 2014 EWH began offering Campus to Country programs. Students take the required technical training on medical equipment operation and repair at their home institution to prepare for multi-week placements in a developing country. The courses closely follow the EWH curriculum developed for the Summer Institute program, may provide academic credit​,​ and can be easily integrated into a student’s degree schedule.

After training on their home campus, students travel to a developing country and are provided additional in-​country language, cultural​,​ and technical training by EWH. Students are then placed in low resource hospitals for 2 – ​6 weeks​ to make repairs, install new equipment and train staff how to better utilize hospital technology.


EWH currently partners with 4 institutions for Campus to Country programs.

Follow each link for more program details.

Technical University of Denmark and other Nordic 5 Tech Schools ​for​ Nepal

University of New South Wales for ​Cambodia

Rochester Institute of Technology for​ Guatemala

George Mason University ​for Guatemala 

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