EWH Design Competition

In August of 2009, EWH launched a unique annual Design Competition to encourage the development of technical solutions that contribute to improved health care in developing countries. Design Teams can choose to work on any project relevant to the medical instrumentation needs of resource-poor areas. Useful suggestions can be found in the Projects That Matter list, which includes needs identified by EWH staff working in international hospitals. EWH accepts submissions for the competition each academic year.

Thank you to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for sponsoring this year’s competition!

  • To be eligible to enter the competition, each Design Team must have at least one participant who is a member of an EWH Chapter. Design Teams may include members from diverse academic backgrounds – both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • All teams must have an adviser who is either a faculty member from an engineering department or a practicing engineer.


Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams are awarded at the annual BMES conference. Winning Design Team members are invited to receive checks made payable to their sponsoring EWH Chapter at the BMES conference; however, EWH does not pay students' travel or conference expenses. For teams that do not attend the conference, checks will be mailed to the EWH Chapter.

1st Place:   $3,000

2nd Place:   $1,000

 3rd Place:    $500 

How to Apply

  • Send the Registration Form and Proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by February 14th.
  • Pay the registration fee following the Payment Instructions.
Chapter Membership Student-funded University-funded
Early Registration: Before January 17th  $250 $50
Final Registration: From January 18th until February 14th $300 $100


  • The final design Submission is DUE by May 30th.


Judging Criteria

Click here to download the Judging Criteria for design submissions.

Results Announcement

Winning teams will receive notifcation by email. Results are posted on the EWH website by July 30th.

2014 Winners  

      1st place: Washington University in St Louis Chapter, ZnDermal: A Transdermal Zinc Delivery System

2nd place: Clemson University Chapter, CryoCover: Low-Cost Neonatal Hypothermia Therapy

3rd place: Cornell University Chapter, Vaccine Refrigeration Device


Past Winners

 2013 Competition:

 1st place: Washington University in St Louis Chapter, Electroluminescence Biliblanket

 2nd place: Clemson Chapter, Low-cost Glucometer

 3rd place: Johns Hopkins Chapter, A LowCost, Reliable Device to Measure Oxygen Concentration Output from Oxygen Concentrators in Developing World Hospitals 


2012 Competition:

 1st place: Washington University-St Louis Chapter, Low-Cost Spirometer

 2nd place: UC San Diego Chapter, HIV Treatment Failure Detection System

 3rd place: Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Chapter, Low-Cost, Reusable & Robust Sterilizer Tester


2011 Competition:

1st place: Oxford Chapter, Low-cost Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

2nd place: Purdue Chapter, Low Cost HIV Disease Progression Monitoring Device

3rd place: Johns Hopkins Chapter, Measurement of Oxygen Concentration Output from Oxygen Concentrators

2010 Competition:

1st place: Georgia Tech Chapter, ENZI Uninterruptible Power Supply

2nd place: ITESM Chihuahua Chapter, Low Cost ECG Machine

3rd place: Duke Chapter, X-Ray Development Timer


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