Activities for Middle/High School


 EWH STEM Activities that can be used with Middle/High School aged students:


PhototherapyPicture Phototherapy                              

Time required: 30 minutes          

Description: Participants learn how college-level engineers worked with Engineering World Health to design a low-cost phototherapy unit and calibration device for treatment of infant jaundice.

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Hydraulic Hand      Picture Hydraulic Hand                                         

Time required: 30 minutes          

Description: This lesson teaches how prosthetic organs work and how principles of hydraulics can be used to move engines. Students will build a model hand that can hold light objects. Teachers may combine this activity with EWH’s “Muscles-Joints” activity (Activities for All Ages) to connect the hand to a model arm as well.

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Optical Heart Rate Monitor
OHRM 3D Model

Time required: 30 minutes          

Description: This activity teaches students biomedical concepts related to the blood circulation as well as basic principles of electronics. Participants assemble a board that measures the heart rate through the subject’s fingertip and shows the cardiac frequency through a blinking light. The product teaches principles of electronics and biomedical engineering through hands-on learning and is ideal for middle/high school and college students, or for students training for careers in electronics, BMET, and healthcare occupations. Through assembling this board, students discover and apply STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills and knowledge. The EWH Optical Heart Rate Monitor kit should be used for educational purposes only! The kit includes a bare board with sockets already soldered and electronics components, which can be reused for multiple assemblies without any special tool.

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Heart Rate Monitor (STEM-Plug & Play)**

 $270.50 $528.00 $767.00 $1017.00 $1854.00

Replacement Pack for Heart Rate Monitor (only components)***

$150.00 $270.00 $375.00 $460.00 $880.00

** Includes Batteries (2 x AAA)


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