One of the core missions EWH strives to accomplish is to inspire future generations of biomedical engineers to take on the unique challenges in healthcare technology in the developing world.

In partnership with the Biogen Foundation, EWH has developed a series of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curricula which are free to the public to use.

The online materials below are free to use. If you would like to purchase a kit containing all of the materials, printed lesson plans, and student handouts for the lesson, follow the order link 



LessonGrade LevelKit Available?


Students build small speaker with paper cup, coils and magnet

K-12 By Request

Model Breathing Lungs

Students measure lung capacity using a balloon

K-8 By Request

Model Circulatory System

Students build model circulatory system with tubing and hand pumps

3-8 Yes

Model Prosthetic Arm and Hand

Students build hydraulic-powered prosthetic arm and hand

K-8 Yes


Students assemble a low-cost phototherapy unit and calibration device

6-12 Yes

Protect the Pump--Innovation Activity

Students build a protection device for a medical suction pump

3-12 No


Students build working stethoscope out of simple materials

3-8 By Request

Suit Up--Innovation Activity

Students build biohazard suits as well as air conditioning units to keep the suit cool.

K-8 By Request



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