EWH is committed to inspiring future generations of biomedical engineers to take on the challenges of healthcare technology in the developing world.

While much of our work is with university students, we have also developed a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teaching program with curricula designed for different settings, ages, and program lengths. Our teaching programs, funded by Biogen Idec Foundation, are designed to foster students’ enthusiasm for STEM fields and raise awareness of global healthcare needs.


STEM Kits and Activities:

EWH offers all of its activity sheets and supply lists for free through our website. In some cases, we offer prepared supply Kits that can be purchased to simplify presenting an EWH STEM activity. Follow these links to view the activities:


Free Professional Development Workshops!

This year we have developed three new engineering innovation activites that we are sharing with students all over North Carolina. We are also expanding our biomedical engineering outreach in the Research Triangle region through teacher training. We will offer free training sessions and supply STEM kits at cost to interested educators in the region. If you would like to host us at your location for this free professional development workshop, fill out this form and you will be contacted with updates soon.

Follow this link, fill out the form, and become involved in EWH's outreach program for 2015/16!


Other Programs:

EWH also partners with Girls Engineering Change, a program that works with Girl Scouts and other girls' groups to encourage the pursuit of STEM education and careers.

For more information about EWH’s STEM K-12 program, please contact: STEMhealth@ewh.org

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