Rwanda Summer Institute


Cost: $7100

*Download application packet here for more details

Need based financial aid and other funding sources are available, click here for details. 

To read past participants' first hand accounts of their experiences, click here.

Cost Includes:

- All tuition fees  - Emergency health insurance with evacuation if needed. 
- Language Training  - Housing for 2 months
 - Cultural training  - Most Meals
 - Pre-depature information and guidence  - Hospital briefing and intro's
 - Text book, lab book and all lab supplies  - Tools and hands on instruction
 - Biomedical Equipment course and lab  - Organized group excursion
 - Tool kits and basic repair supplies  - Full time in country staff available 24/7
 - In country mobile phones  - 24 hour safety hotline


Schedule (May 25- July 27)

Fetal Doppler immediately put back to use.  Previously large assumptions had to be made regarding fetal distress resulting in many unnecessary C-sections

Texas A&M-EWH Summer Institute begins (May 25)
All participants meet at Kigali Internation Airport, no later than 10PM. Meet host family.

Kigali, Rwanda (May 25 - June 21) 
May 26th: Orientation to Rwanda and EWH, Classes begin

Schedule for Monday-Thursday:

8:30-12:30 Kinyarwanda/French lessons
12:30-1:30 Lunch break
1:30-2:30 Lecture: Introduction to Medical Instruments and Measurements
2:30-5:30 Laboratory: Working in Developing World Hospitals






Schedule for Friday:
8:30-5:30 Field work in local hospital

May 31st: Cultural Activity and Social Event

Host Hospital (June 22 - July 25)
June 22: Travel to host hospital
June 23 – July 25: Work in host hospital, 8:00 - 5:00 or as determined by your hospital supervisor

End of Program Conference (July 26 - July 27)
July 26: 3:00PM All students return to Kigali for presentations and discussion
July 27: 3:00PM Conference concludes

EWH Summer Institute ends (July 27th)
Shuttles to Airport


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