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 You may have completed your Summer Institute, but you're still a part of the EWH family. Check this page periodically for ways to stay involved!




Loved your Summer Institute experience and want more? EWH is hosting our second Alumni-only program: Nepal January 2017. This 3 week program gives alumni the opportunity to put your skills to use once again, working in developing world hospitals to repair medical equipment. After a quick intensive language and culture training, alumni will go straight to work in the hospitals -- you've already completed the technical training course. 

Meeting with director of the BP Koreala Cancer Center in Bharatpur



Interested in becoming an On-The-Ground-Coordinator? Each year, EWH hires OTGCs and OTGC/TAs for our Summer Institutes.  These are paid positions. Click here for more information.

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Recruit new SI participants and earn some extra cash! EWH is looking for SI alumni to host info sessions at various universities during the Fall semester.


    • You will be rewarded $50 for each recruit that completes an SI program, up to a maximum of $200.
    • Recruits must list your name as their referral on their application.
    • Present some EWH background, details, and lots of anecdotes about your SI experience, then answer any questions the students may have.
    • EWH will provide a PowerPoint template for the presentation.
    • Presentations do not need to be at your own university. If you travel to a nearby school, you will be reimbursed for travel costs, as long as you get sites and travel pre-approved.
    • Info sessions must be held during the fall semester. The earlier the better!
    • Presentations given and recruits gathered from Duke, Texas A&M, Technical University of Denmark, Rochester Institute of Technology, George Mason University, and University of New South Wales do not count for this program.

Interested? Fill out this interest form and we will contact you soon.




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