Benefits and Types of Affiliation

EWH offers a variety of ways to become involved through individual affiliation or through Chapter affiliation. Affiliates gain access to a library of teaching material, discounts on EWH teaching and activity supplies, and the support, advice and connections available through EWH, an international NGO with expertise in global healthcare issues. We take a personal approach to operating an international system of university-based chapters and give student groups and professionals advice on any project they hope to pursue.

Visit the Chapter Activities page to see details of what Chapters can do and the kinds of support EWH provides.

Types of affiliation:

Individual Student Affiliation For students who want to be affiliated with EWH but do not have a Chapter at their school.
Student-funded Chapter For a small group or newer Chapter. Requires at least three Individual Student Affiliates and one adviser.
University-funded Chapter For a large group. Includes additional benefits and an unlimited number of members. 
Supporting & Professional Affiliations Click here for details.









Benefits and Costs of Affiliation

Affiliations must be renewed annually. New affiliation payments and renewal affiliation payments are due by October 30 for fall registration, or by February 28 for spring registration. Affiliation benefits are good for one year after the payment deadline, beginning on either November 1 or March 1.

Any student can be a member of an EWH Chapter and benefit from participation in Chapter activities. Students also have the option of becoming an Individual Student Affiliate through paying an annual affiliation fee. See the Start/Renew page for infomation on how to Start an EWH Chapter or become an Individual Student Affiliate. 

Benefits for an Individual Student Affiliate: Cost $35/year

  • Access to the EWH Dropbox containing STEM outreach curricula, design projects and Projects That Matter background, teaching materials, and more.
  • EWH support and advice on activities, including but not limited to: Design projects, STEM outreach, collaborations with local non-profits, equipment repair and donation preparation, testing and production of products, partnerships and projects abroad.
  • Introductions to local medical equipment donation charities.
  • Preferential consideration for the Summer Institute Program.

Student-funded Chapter: Cost $35 per student affiliate, minimum of three individuals.

All Individual Student Affiliate benefits apply, plus:

  • Eligibility for the EWH Design Competition.
  • Discounts on EWH Kits, textbooks and other teaching materials.
  • Recognition on the EWH website.

University-funded Chapter: $600/year

All Student-funded Chapter benefits apply, plus:

  • Unlimited student affiliates.
  • $200 discount for EWH's Design Competition registration fee.
  • T-shirts for the faculty adviser and 10 student affiliates, limited to 11 free t-shirts in any one year.(Additional shirts available for purchase on our gear page.)
  • A hardcopy of the textbook Medical Instrumentation in The Developing World, by Dr. Robert Malkin of Duke University.
  • One free ECG Simulator Kit upon request.
  • Consideration for travel funding for Chapter members to present at a conference or other event on behalf of EWH or the Chapter. Up to three individuals can receive this funding in a given academic year to reimburse travel expenses. Funding can be up to $125 per year for any individual, for a possible maximum of $375.

Professional Affiliation: $300/year

An individual affiliation designed for academic professionals who would like to support EWH and take advantage of EWH resources.

Click here for more information.

Supporting Affiliation: $50

An affiliation designed for non-students who wish to support EWH's work with university students, with biomedical engineering technicians training in developing countries, and with all EWH projects that benefit healthcare delivery in the developing world.

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