Projects That Matter


EWH provides support and resources so Chapters can participate in Projects that Matter, such as:

  • Build EWH Kits:  Chapter members learn engineering concepts and hands-on skills by building EWH Kits. Once assembled, Chapters can then use the Kits for outreach programs and addtional projects that can educate the next geration of engineers. Kits can also be returned to EWH for distribution to education programs around the world, such as our Institute and BMET Training programs. 
  • Kit Projects: Once an EWH Kit is built, Chapters can use them to develop and share Kit Projects. These projects build on the teaching value of Kits by providing simple, low-cost projects in an open source setting.
  • Outreach Programs: Chapters can volunteer to work with elementary, middle, or high school students using EWH STEM curricula and classroom resources. 
  • Design and Develop Technologies: Chapter members can design specialized tools and equipment for use in developing countries. We also invite Chapters to participate in our annual Design Competition, which gives students the opportunity to design solutions to global health challenges and compete for cash prizes.
  • Improve and Expand the EWH BMET Library: Chapters can work with EWH to improve the content, acessibility, and useability of EWH's equipment repair database: the EWH BMET Library.
  • Evaluate and Repair Equipment:  Chapters can form partnerships with local hospitals and non-profit oganizations to help prepare medical equipment for use in the developing world.


Chapters also participate in activities typical of most on campus organizations: 

Meetings: Chapters often host invited speakers, hold professional development events and conferences, run hackathons, form committees for various projects, and even collaborate with other EWH Chapters and organizations.

Fundraising: An important activity to support Chapter development, EWH Chapters raise funds to support hosting activities for their members. Click here to see a list of fundraising ideas used by EWH Chapters in the past.

To see full details of how to start and operate an EWH Chapter, view our Chapter Guidelines.

Interested in seeing what else Chapters have done in past years? Check out the Chapter of the Year Competition winners here.

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