Create a Teardown Video to Win Kits and Cash!

BMET Claude explaining an infant warmer to Justina and Teresa Rwanda

EWH has partnered with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) to create educational videos that support equipment repair training around the world. Videos will be integrated into virtual BMET courses and posted online for anyone to view. 

1361550716 ifmbeMedical Equipment Teardown Videos are designed to give Biomedical Engineering Technicians (BMETs) and others an overview of how specific pieces of medical equipment function, their major components (internal and external), common problem areas, and maintenance tasks. The target audience for these videos is BMETs in developing countries who can use the videos for education purposes and, potentially, to perform maintenance and make small repairs. The videos will be posted to YouTube and should reference supporting materials, such as the EWH BMET Library.

EWH will award up to $500 and 5 kits for each completed video.

How to participate in the challenge:

You must be a member of an active EWH Chapter in good standing to participate. There is a limited number of spaces in the video challenge program each semester, so contact EWH early to ensure your Chapter can participate. 

1. Review the Teardown Video Guide - Teardown Video Guidelines

2. Source a piece of equipment 

There are many potential sources for equipment to use in the Teardown Video. Equipment donation charities may have equipment that could be used or may be willing to help source a specific piece. Sometimes local hospitals will have old or broken equipment as well; contact the clinical engineering department to ask. The following peices of equipment are currently eligible for the challenge program:

● Blood pressure machine
● Suction machine
● Infusion pump
● Autoclave
● Physiological monitors
● Phototherapy unit
● Radiant warmer

If your Chapter has access to equipment not on the above list, contact EWH at to inquire about creating a video for equipment not listed.

3. Contact EWH with Equipment Details

Email EWH the make, model, and condition of the equipment you found; include a photo if possible. Send the email to, and we will let you know if the specific machine you found is eligible for the challenge. 

4. Form a Team

This project will require at least 2 or 3 Chapter members, and potentially other volunteers from campus. If your school has a media/production department, it could be an excellent source for advice or other resources. 

5. Secure Resources 

A good quality camera, sufficient lighting, studio space. 

6. Complete Registration Form

Your team should have an initial meeting to plan the video shoot and fill out the registration form. Click here to access registration form. YOU MUST CONTACT EWH BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM! Once you have discussed your project with EWH, send the completed registration form. We will review your plans, then contact your team with final approval to begin.

7. Create Video

An EWH-IFMBE advisory group will provide specific details on what should be included in the video and mentor your team throughout the process. 

8. Submit to EWH

Once the video is complete, submit it to EWH for review. There may be small edits or other changes required before the video is accepted.

If the video includes all the specified content and is well edited, the team will be awarded $500usd and 5 EWH Kits!


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