UC San Diego Chapter of The Year Report April 2015

Starting an EWH Chapter at your University is easy. If you would like EWH's help generating interest on your campus with a campus visit, webinar, or other materials, email chapters@ewh.org.

If you are an individual or professional and are interested in starting a chapter or supporting EWH, click here.

To Start a Chapter:

  • Find core members: you need at least three students.
  • Find a faculty adviser.
  • Appoint a president, vice-president and treasurer.
  • Have the Chapter officers and the faculty adviser fill out the EWH Chapter Agreement (online form) and pay affiliation fees.
  • Promote your first meeting. EWH will send you a Chapter poster when you start or renew your chapter, or print your own by clicking here
  • Hold your first meeting. You can download this EWH Chapter bylaws sample to set-up the structure of your chapter. 
  • Fill out the Chapter Roster, and email to chapters@ewh.org.
  • Plan activities, build leadership structure. The Chapter Guidelines, Projects That Matter, and Chapter of the Year reports are great places to receive guidance and get ideas.

Kit build CYCU 2015

Types of Chapter Affiliations:

Student-funded Chapter For a small group or newer Chatper. Requires at least three students and one adviser.
University-funded Chapter For a larger or department supported chapter. Additional benefits to help the chapter operate and grow.

Universities in low-income countries can receive a free affiliation: contact chapters@ewh.org for more details.


Student-Funded Chapter: $150/year

  • EWH support and advice for engaging in Projects That Matter
  • Discounted Kits and eligibility for Kit Financial Aid
  • EWH input and support on design projects
  • Access to the EWH Dropbox containing archived needs finding research and design projects
  • Introductions to global network of engineers, charities, and companies working in low income countries and emerging markets
  • Email notification of jobs, internships, and other opportunities with EWH and other organizations
  • Recognition on the EWH website with dedicated chapter page
  • Chapter membership and participation is noted in consideration for Institute programs
  • EWH Meeting Poster and three EWH stickers for Chapter officers

University-Funded Chapter: $600/year

All Student-funded Chapter benefits apply, plus:

  • Only $20/entry for EWH's Design Competition registration, a $180 discount per entry
  • Additional EWH input and support on design projects, including access to over 100 Institute participants for limited field research
  • 3 EWH Kits, a $135 value
  • Additional consideration when awarding Kit Financial Aid
  • 20 EWH stickers
  • 3 EWH Meeting Posters
  • T-shirts for the faculty adviser and 10 affiliates, limited to 11 free t-shirts in any one year (additional shirts available for purchase on our gear page)
  • Travel funding for Chapter members to present at a conference or other event on behalf of EWH or the Chapter (restrictions apply)

For full details of benefits and how to operate an EWH chapter, view our Chapter Guidelines.

Professional and Supporting Affiliations: Click here for more information.


To Renew a Chapter:

  • Near the end of your affiliation period (Spring or Fall) chapter leadership will receive an emailed invoice to pay Chapter fees for the year.
  • If you would like to pay Chapter fees now via paypal, please follow this link: Pay Chapter Fees.
  • *If the chapter advisor has changed or the Chapter had a gap of 1 year or more between official affiliation, please fill out a new EWH Chapter Agreement (online form).
  • Once this invoice is paid and the first Chapter meetings of the year are held, submit an updated Chapter Roster to chapters@ewh.org.

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