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All of our Summer Institute programs are in full swing as our 2017 participants are currently on the ground in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Nepal!

That's not all we're up to. Check out our January Institute photo albums, and the latest news about our BMET Library and Kits!

Summer Institute 2017 

During a visit to Hospital Japon Amistad in Nicaragua, one group had a chance to explore the hospital’s “junk heap,” where equipment goes when it’s basically ready to be discarded.

On-the-Ground Coordinator Jack Livingston writes, “We found a couple of centrifuges and decided to take a look. It would be a good learning experience even if we couldn't get them running again. Centrifuges are also my favorite device to work on!”


Although one centrifuge had completely destroyed motor brushes and a broken power regulator, the second only had some messed up wiring inside and a faulty power supply that the group was able to switch with a broken machine outside.

And now it works! Jack reports, “It will be going back to use in the laboratory now. I love the before and after images of this centrifuge coming back to life from the trash pile outside with Coca-Cola bottles.”

The BMET Library is Up and Running!

After a brief outage, the digital BMET Library is up and running again! The Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) Library is a free online library packed with tools for biomedical professionals. Our library hosts a multitude of resources including flowcharts, articles, and textbooks to help you repair, maintain, and operate medical equipment.

Interested in troubleshooting a Blood Pressure Monitor?  Want to learn about Oxygen Concentrators? Reading up on Medical Instrumentation? Check out the BMET Library at library.ewh.org to learn more!

Pressure & Calibration Kit in Tanzania!

New Kit Coming this Fall!
Pressure + Calibration 

The Summer Institute group in Tanzania had the opportunity to visit the School of St. Jude, where they tried out EWH's new Kits with the students. Spending a day with the School of St. Jude's students gives SI participants another way to put their skills to use in Tanzania, and gives the students access to a unique STEM education experience.
Keep an eye out for updates about this Kit's release!