Dear Friends of EWH,


Despite the challenges 2020 has presented due to COVID-19, EWH did what we do best. We were flexible, we adapted, and we found new ways to bring engineering students together for international exchange and education.

This summer, we hosted 120 university engineering students from Lebanon, the United States, Nepal, Denmark, and Norway as they learned about biomedical equipment and designed projects to address health needs in low-resource settings. And we're not stopping there - this January, we plan to host another virtual program for students from the US and Uganda.

But let's be clear: we could not succeed without you. We need your support to provide Engineering World Health with the resources we need to further adapt our programs to a changing international development landscape. With your help, we can meet the increased need for virtual resources and connections.




With your help, we can expand our university Chapters program and provide greater benefits and support while students navigate the challenges of virtual environments.


With your help, we can develop our Kits program to meet the needs of students learning from home and bring STEM education to virtual classrooms.


Help EWH Bring People Together


And it is with your help that we sincerely hope to return students to the field in person in the 2021 Summer Institutes, as nothing can replace their work in low-resource areas alongside local hospital staff. In 2019, Institute participants repaired over 2,000 pieces of medical equipment, including infant incubators, oxygen concentrators, and autoclaves. In 2021, we plan to run programs in Guatemala, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kosovo and Nepal.



Support EWH Today

Engineering World Health inspires, educates, and empowers the next generation of young engineers to tackle global health challenges and improve healthcare delivery. I am grateful for your help in continuing to bring together the global biomedical community in 2021 and beyond.  

Best wishes,

Tojan B. Rahhal

CEO & President