We at Engineering World Health are reaffirming our commitment to inspire, educate, and empower the biomedical engineering community. As part of our effort to cultivate and preserve a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity, we are partnering with The Opportunity Network (OppNet), a New York-based organization which supports underrepresented students. The Opportunity Network ignites the drive, curiosity, and agency of underrepresented students on their paths to and through college and into thriving careers, powered by their commitment to access and community. We are looking forward to partnering in the following ways:

  1. Following the successful participation of two OppNet students in our summer Virtual Innovation Exchange, supported by the Steven’s Initiative, we have invited The Opportunity Network to partner with us in future Virtual Winter Institutes. As we lay the groundwork for these programs, OppNet will be crucial to ensuring the inclusion of students underrepresented in engineering fields.
  2. OppNet plans to support more students to participate in the 2021 Summer Institutes. EWH’s Summer Institute programs offer STEM university students a unique opportunity to gain clinical experience in low-resource hospitals. We are proud to offer financial aid to make this program accessible to students from a wide range of backgrounds, and are excited to have OppNet join us in this endeavor. 
  3. In addition to participating in our programs, students who are part of The Opportunity Network want to give back to their community. Using EWH Kits, OppNet students will bring STEM to high school students, igniting a passion for engineering in the next generation. Their mentorship will highlight the path to STEM careers for underrepresented students.

With our shared interest in STEM and global engagement, we can’t wait to build on this experience and connect more OppNet students to the global biomedical community. To support this partnership: donate today

For more information about The Opportunity Network, please visit https://opportunitynetwork.org/ or email info@oppnet.org.