ECG Simulator

The ECG (electrocardiogram) Simulator is an electronic tool that provides cardiac monitors with an electrical wave similar to the human heart’s signal. It can be used to teach healthcare personnel how to set up the input parameters for ECG machines. EWH’s ECG Simulator Kit can generate three important ECG signals: left arm (LA), right arm (RA) and left leg (LL).  This kit is also suitable for classroom electronics teaching in biosignals. 



Engineering World Health’s ECG Simulator Kit is an educational tool only and is not to be used for any other purpose, including any medical, diagnostic, or other laboratory applications.

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Click here to download the ECG Simulator Assembly Instructions.

Click here to download the ECG Simulator Laboratory Activities Handbook.

Click here to download the ECG Simulator Laboratory Activities Handbook - Instructors' Guide.

Click here to download the ECG Simulator LabView 2011 script (requires MYDAQ).

Click here to download the MultiSim 13 files for the ECG Simulator analog circuit.


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