Tanzania Summer Institute


The Summer Institute in Tanzania trains and places up to 25 program participants to assist 12 hospitals with critical medical device repairs and other services. Participants begin with a month in Usa River, near Arusha, taking tailored courses in both Swahili and biomedical equipment. Our partner, MS-Training Center for Development Cooperation, arranges homestays and provides Swahili courses. Our partners at the Duke University Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab provide instruction on common medical devices and methods for making repairs in Tanzania. After the first month of training, students begin working in groups of two or three at EWH partner hospitals in the Arusha and Moshi areas. Participants typically stay in housing associated with the hospitals and designated for aid groups.

The Tanzania program offers participants an immersive cultural and clinical experience. English has some presence in urban areas and in hospitals, but proficiency in Swahili is extremely useful for getting around and building important relationships at the hospital and in the community. Few of the EWH partner hospitals in Tanzania have biomedical technical assistance. Participants work closely with Tanzanian medical staff and, if they exist at that hospital, technicians, to make equipment repairs, execute training, install equipment, and perform other engineering duties for the hospitals.

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