Overview & Locations

The EWH Chapters Program provides resources and opportunities for students and professionals around the world to support our core mission of empowering the biomedical engineering community to improve healthcare and education.


Kit Builds - Bring the chapter together to learn hands-on skills and introductory instrumentation.

K-12 Outreach - Use completed kits and TeachBME resources to introduce the next generation to biomedical engineering and global health

Engineering and Innovation

Design Competition - Research and develop new technologies to enter the EWH design competition. Contribute to needs generated by EWH institute programs or develop a new concept to submit.

Library.ewh.org Projects - Organize hackathons, create teardown videos and develop other resources for EWH’s BMET library.

Kit Projects - Use EWH Kits to create new activities and educational resources.

Global Service

Medical Equipment Donation - Work with local charities to prepare donations.

Equipment Repair and Training - Form a Summer Institute scholarship fund or work with EWH to start a new Campus to Country Program

Needs Finding and Site Visits - Organize independent travel to a low-resource setting with your university.


Chapters organize events typical of most on-campus organizations: Invited speakers, professional development events and conferences, form committees for various projects, and collaborate with other organizations and EWH Chapters. Learn more from our Chapter of The Year winners. 

Use the map and chapter list to find your local chapter, or learn how to start a new chapter.


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