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EWH Kits are fun and challenging hands-on activities that help students learn important concepts needed by both engineers and technicians. Once a Kit is assembled it can be used for teaching additional concepts in the classroom or lab, or even returned to EWH to be used in teaching technicians and future engineers in low-resource environments.

Kits can also be used for more advanced projects - see our Kit Projects for more details. If you are interested in STEM activities for younger students, check out our TeachBME webpage.

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Who builds kits?

  • EWH University Chapters build Kits to engage students in activities that support EWH's mission.
  • Engineering classes build Kits to introduce students to technical skills and bio-instrumentation.
  • High school classes build Kits to teach technology principles and hands-on skills.
  • Creative teachers build Kits to promote discussion of technology and global health inequities.
  • Anyone who wants to learn engineering skills and support engineering education

EWH Chapters are eligible for Kit Financial Aid to support and expand their Kit Activities. Click here to learn more.

What do you need to build a KIT?

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Workspace with electrical connection
  • Wire cutter
  • Interest in learning about circuits and electrical components
  • 9v battery (excluding Heart Rate kit)

Completed Kits returned to EWH will be distributed to science and engineering education programs around the world! 
If you work in science and engineering education and would like to request completed Kits to be used in your classroom, please email



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Engineering World Health’s Biomedical Instrumentation Kits are educational tools only and are not to be used for any other purpose, including any medical, diagnostic or other laboratory applications.

Returning EWH Kits: You are welcome to keep EWH Kits; however, if you would like to help improve training and education in low-resource settings, return assembled kits to the EWH address below.  

Engineering World Health
Attn: Kits
331 West Main Street, Suite 511
Durham, NC 27701


Interested in designing EWH Kits? More Kit projects are in development, and we welcome groups who would like to work with us on these projects.