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Women in STEM: a conversation with industry leaders & women who inspire us
To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, 2022 Engineering World Health President & CEO Dr. Tojan Rahhal sat down with four inspiring women in STEM for a conversation about how they've forged paths in their respective industries. They shared personal stories about what sparked their interest in science and who helped them along the way, challenges they've faced as women and women of color in historically male-dominated sectors, and offered advice for girls and women interested in STEM careers on mentorship, communication, adopting a change mindset, and more. Listen here

Innovating Solutions to Global Health Challenges 
A follow-up to Challenges to Medical Equipment Maintenance, during this event, EWH staff and guest speakers with expertise in engineering for international healthcare explored the low-resource design process and highlighted innovations in low-resource healthcare. Watch here

The Virtual Exchange Experience 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, EWH has offered virtual programs to facilitate cross cultural exchange and engineering education opportunities for students even when travel is not possible, facilitating cross-cultural experiences for nearly 250 high school and university students across three continents in 2021. 

Virtual Engineering Innovation & Cultural Exchange supported by the Stevens Initiative 

Uganda Virtual Winter Institute 

Uganda Makerere - Berkeley Virtual Exchange 

During this panel conversation, EWH virtual program alumni and facilitators from the United States, Lebanon, and El Salvador discuss the virtual exchange experience. Watch here

Challenges to Medical Equipment Maintenance

To meet medical equipment needs, many hospitals in low-income countries rely on donated equipment. However, studies have shown that nearly 40% of donated medical equipment arrives in-country unstable, and over 95% is unusable after five years. Additionally, hospitals in developing countries face significant challenges accessing skilled technicians who can install, maintain, or repair medical equipment. As a result, equipment essential to diagnosing diseases, sterilizing tools, and performing surgery quickly falls out of service. EWH was founded in 2011 to help address this challenge. Watch here